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Bradford White Water Heater Parts for Sale



Mailing · Meetup

Kitchener, Ontario



4 weeks ago

Bradford White Water Heater Parts for Sale BRWRG275H6N457 Bradford White RG275H6N-457 75G 76KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2303024600 2303024600 3/4" FEM 4-1/2" STEM T&P VLV BRWRW2001800 RW2001800 PILOT ASSEMBLY-TELEDYNE LAARS BRWRG250L6X457 Bradford White RG250L6X457 50G 35KBTU LP Water Heater BRWM3ST80R5 Bradford White Magnum M3ST80R5 Steel Commercial Jacketed Small Volume Non-ASME Storage Tank, 80 gal, 3/4 in. NPT, 58-3/4 in. H x 24 in. Dia. BRWAST506 Bradford White AST-50-6 Residential Storage Tank, 50 gal, Threaded, 46-5/16 in. H x 22 in. Dia. BRWEF60T150E3N Bradford White EF60T150E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 60 gal, 43.9kW, 115 VAC, 150000 btu/hr BRWEF120T400E3NA EF120T400E3NA ASME 120GAL 400,000 BTU NG BRWEF120T500E3NA EF120T500E3NA ASME 120GAL 500,000 BTU NG BRW2394374001 Bradford White 239-43740-01 Mixing Valve For M2TW75T, TW450S, TW465S, GX2TW25S, M1TW40S Water Heater, 3/4 in. NPT BRW2654554300 2654554300 IGNITOR BRW2393899500 Bradford White Pressure Switch BRWEF60T199E3N Bradford White EF60T199E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 60 gal, 58.6kW, 115 VAC, 199999 btu/hr BRWRG250S6X457 Bradford White RG250S6X-457 50G 48KBTU LP WTRHTR BRWRG2PV40T6X457 Bradford White RG2PV40T6X-457 40G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRWAST1206 AST120-6 RESIDENTIAL STORAGE TANK 119USG BRWRC2PV50H6X457 Bradford White RC2PV50H6X-457 50G 76KBTU LP WTRHRT BRWRG2PDV50H6X457 Bradford White RG2PDV50H6X-457 48G 60KBTU LP WTRHTR BRWRG2PV50S6X457 Bradford White RG2PV50S6X-457 50G 38KBTU LP WTR HTR BRW2394396309 Bradford White 239-43963-09 ASSY-20"D BLUE RIGHT SIDE INNER DOOR (F.V.) BRW265456520432 Bradford White 265-45652-04-32 ASSY-BECKETT BURNER (HONEYWELL) RG2PV60T/RG2(F)PV50(SVC) BRWRE250L61NCPP458 Bradford White RE250L6-1NCPP-458 45G 240V 3000W ELE WH BRWRG2PDV50S6X457 Bradford White RG2PDV50S6X457 50G 38KBTU LP Water Heater BRW2284696400 2284696400 BURNER BRW2334132302 2334132302 PILOT ASS. E49B6 L.P. BRW2334603800 2334603800 L7103A1012 DL AQUSTT F/CF/RF BRW2434537200 2434537200 FLUE BAFFLE BRW265471120141 265471120141 LP GAS BURNER ASS COMPL BRWEF60T125E3N2806 EF60T125E3N 120K COM NG U/HE WTR HTR BRWRE240S61NCZZ458 RE240S61NCZZ 38G 4.5W 208V ELECT WTR HTR BRWRTG199HEN RTG199HEN 19.9K/199K TANKLESS NG WTR HTR BRWE0253400 E0253400 IGNITION BOARD BRWRG2PDV40S6X457 Bradford White RG2PDV40S6X457 40G 38KBTU LP Water Heater BRW2243299930 Bradford White 224-329999-30 Aluminum Anode 3/4X47-1/2 BRWRG2D40S6N457 RG2D40S6N457 40G 38KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2243299921 2243299921 42-1/2" ANODE ALUMINUM ROD BRW2243299922 Bradford White 224-32999-22 Aluminum Anode Rod For DW240L Residential Indirect Electric Water Heater, 3/4 in. NPT, 30-1/2 in. L BRW2334183100 Bradford White 233-41831-00 Temperature & Hi Limit Switch for TTW1-10 & TTW1-12 'L' Models BRW2334587600 Bradford White 233-45876-00 High Limit Switch For MIITW50T -10, MIITW65T -10 Through-The-Wall TTW2 Residential Gas Water Heater BRW2394746502 Bradford White 239-47465-02 Icon Control Gas Valve For M2XR504T, M2XR65T Residential Water Heaters, LP Gas BRWCDW2504T10FBN253 Bradford White CDW2504T10FBN-253 45G 65K NG WH BRWCSW2TW75T10SX457 Bradford White CSW2TW75T10SX-457 72G 75.5K LP WH BRWD80T4253N806 Bradford White D80T4253N-806 80G 425K NG WH BRWRE250L61NCWW458 Bradford White RE250L6-1NCWW-458 45G 208V/3500W 240V/4500W ELE WH BRWAST406 Bradford White AST-40-6 Residential Storage Tank, 40 gal, Threaded, 46-7/8 in. H x 20 in. Dia. BRW2224076201 Bradford White 222-40762-01 Smart Valve For SV9501M5109, MITW40-12, 15, MITW50-12, 15 Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2394626400 Bradford White 239-46264-00 Vent Adapter For M1TW, M2TW, GXTW Water Heater BRW265474390632 Bradford White 265-47439-06-32 BURNER ASSY COMPLETE NAT BRW265474390832 265-47439-08-032 BURNER ASSY BRW2394061400 Bradford White239-40614-00 Blower Motor Assembly For TTW2 'T' MITW50, MITW65, MITW75 Residential Gas Water Heater BRWRG2DV50H6NFLX457 RG2DV50H6NFLX-457 DV50 TANK BRW4154868500 4154868500 ASSY BLOW FASCO (U)RG2PV KIT BRWRG2PV40S6X457 Bradford White RG2PV40S6X-457 40G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRWRE112U61NCP458 RE112U61NCP458 12 GAL/240V/3000W WTR HTR BRWRE250S61NCSS458 Bradford White RE250S6-1NCSS-458 47G 240V 3800W 2EL WH BRWSW250RL231 Bradford White SW250RL-231 43G SINGLE-WALL INDIRECT BRWRG2PV60T6X457 Bradford White RG2PV60T6X-457 60G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRW2394507300 Bradford White 239-45073-00 Heat Trap Inlet Insert For MI503, MI40T, MI60T, M1TW40S, M230L Resistant Water Heater BRW2654868500 Bradford White 2654868500 FASCO BLOWER KIT ASS BRWD75T1253N806 Bradford White D-75T-125-3N-806 75 Gallon 125,000 BTU Commerical Flue Damper Electronic Ignition Gas Water Heater BRW2394586702 Bradford White 239-45867-02 Pressure Switch, Normally Open, 1.25 in. WC PR BRW2295123025 229-51230-25 COLD WATER INLET BRW2334784605 Bradford White 233-47846-05 ICON Pilot Assembly For MI404T*F(BN,CX,SX), MI503*F(BN,CX,SX) Propane Gas Water Heater BRW2654254415 Bradford White 265-42544-15ELEMENT 240V/3000W (BAGGED) BRW4154160500 415-41605-00 FASCO BLOWER KIT ASS BRW4154254415 4154254415 240V/3000W BAGGED ELEMENT KIT BRW4154367603 4154367603 BAG SWITCH THRM RED KIT (290) BRW2394586701 Bradford White 239-45867-01 Pressure Switch, Normally Open, 0.75 in. WC PF BRWRE16U61NCP458 RE16U6-1NCP-458 6 GAL/240V/3000W WTR HTR BRWLE16U31NAL458 LE16U3-1NAL-458 WATER HEATER 1500W/120V BRW2334565102 Bradford White 233-45651-02 THERMAL WELL SENSOR BRW2244777617 224-47776-17 ANODEW/OUTLET FITTING F/BR BRWRG2PV50T6N457 Bradford White RG2PV50T6N-457 50G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2394626300 Bradford White 239-46263-00 EXHAUST ADAPTOR 2" BRWRG2PDV40S6N457 Bradford White RG2PDV40S6N-457 40G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG2PV50T6X457 Bradford White RG2PV50T6X-457 50G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRWRE240L61NCPP458 Bradford White RE240L6-1NCPP-458 40G/240V/3000W ELE WTRHT BRW2334087602 Bradford White 233-40876-02 Pilot Assembly For MITW40, MITW50, MITW75 Residential Natural Gas Water Heater BRWRG2PDV50H6N457 Bradford White RG2PDV50H6N-457 48G 60KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG275H6X457 Bradford White RG275H6X-457 75G 76KBTU LP WTRHTR BRWEF100T199E3N Bradford White EF100T199E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 100 gal, 58.6kW, 115 VAC, 199999 btu/hr BRW2334627705 Bradford White 233-46277-05 Pilot Assembly For MI30T6FBN, MI30S6FBN Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2295123017 Bradford White 229-51230-17 PEX Cold Water Inlet Dip Tube For RG2F40S, RG2F50S Gas Water Heater with Hydrojet, 3/4 in. NPT x 2-1/2 in. x 34-1/2 in. L BRW2394879601 Bradford White 239-48796-01 LP Gas Valve For M1TW40S, M1TW50S Water Heater, 3-5/8 in. BRWLG2PDV75H803N253 Bradford White LG2PDV75H803N-253 75G/80K NG WTRHTR BRWCSW2TW50T10FBN457 Bradford White CSW2TW50T10FBN-457 45G 67K NG WH BRW2394407800 Bradford White 239-44078-00 Inner Door Gasket Kit For Water Heater BRW265474400950 265474400950 PROPANE BURNER ASSEMBLY BRWRE112WV61NAL458 Bradfrod White RE112WV6-1NAL-458 12G/120V/1500W ELE WTRHTR BRWCSW2TW50T10FSX457 Bradford White CSW2TW50T10FSX-457 45G 60K LP WH BRWRG2DV40S6NFLX457 Bradford White RG2DV40S6N-FLX-457 40G 38KBTU NG FLEX VENT KIT WTRHTR BRWRE12U61NAL458 RE12U6-1NAL-458 2 GAL/120V/1500W WTR HTR BRWLG2PV75H763X253 LG2PV75H763X253 75 GAL/75.5 BTU LP WH HA BRW2654203400 Bradford White 265-42034-00 Thermostat For Used with MITW -10,12, MITW40, MITW50, MIITW65, MIITW50, MIITW75, TTW2, M-1-6U6SS, M-1-10U6SS, M-1-12UT6SS Heaters BRWRE230S61NCPP458 Bradford White RE230S6-1NCPP-458 27G 240V 3000W ELE WH BRW2394516700 Bradford White 239-45167-00 Heat Trap Outlet Insert For MI30T, MI40T, MI503, MIXR403S, M430T Water Heater BRW4154323200 415-43232-00 FLAME SENSOR BRWRE265T61NCPP458 Bradford White RE265T6-1NCPP-458 61G 240V 3000W ELE WH BRWRG2DV40S6XFLX457 Bradford White RG2DV40S6X-FLX-457 40G 36KBTU LP FLEX VENT KIT WTRHTR BRW265480370432 Bradford White 265-48037-04-32 ASSY-BURNER F.V. (NAT) HONEYWELL (SVC) BRW265474390730 Bradford White 265-47439-07-30 Burner Assembly For M-I-504S6FBN Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2295123005 2295123005 3/4NPTX2X35 1/2 PEX DIPTUBE BRW2394213300 Bradford White 239-42133-00 Blower Assembly For MIITW, TTW2, MIITW50T*(LN, EN, CX)-12 Residential Gas Water Heater BRW2334565304 Bradford White 233-45653-04 Pilot Assembly with Electrode For TW465S65F*(BN, CX, SX) Through-The-Wall Commercial Propane Gas Water Heater BRW2295123011 2295123011 3/4NPTX2-1/2X43 PEX DIPTUBE BRWRE265T61NCSS458 RE265T6 61G 240V 3800W 2EL WH BRW4154586701 4154586701 PRES SWITCH -.75" WC KIT M1TW BRWM230R6DS1NAL Bradford White Residential, Electric, Upright, 30 gal., 120 volt/1 phase/1.5 kW, 2in. Insulation BRWRE240S61NCSS458 Bradford White RE240S6-1NCSS-458 38G 240V 3000W ELE WH BRWRE220U61NCP458 RE220U61NCP458 18G 240V/3000W WTR HTR BRWRG2DV50S6NFLX457 Bradford White RG2DV50S6N-FLX-457 50G 42KBTU NG FLEX VENT KIT WTRHTR BRWRG2DV50S6XFLX457 Bradford White RG2DV50S6X-FLX-457 50G 40KBTU LP FLX VENT KIT WTRHTR BRW2654738700 Bradford White 265-47387-00 High Altitude Blower Assembly For PDX250T*F(BN, SX, CX), PDX265T*F(BN, SX, CX) Commercial Gas Water Heater BRWEF100T399E3N Bradford White EF100T399E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 100 gal, 117.2kW, 115 VAC, 399999 btu/hr BRWRG230S6N457 Bradford White RG230S6N-457 30G 30KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2434396200 Bradford White Outer Door For RES GAS BRW2654618102 Bradford White 265-46181-02 KIT-ATMOSPHERIC REPLACEMENT CONTROL NAT 160°F 2" CAV (M4,RG2)(FVIR)(SVC) BRW2244778203 2244778203 72 35022550 MAG ANODE ROD 1 BRW2334807803 Bradford White 233-48078-03 PILOT-LP 19/24 HONEYWELL BRWM3ST120R5 Bradford White Magnum M3ST120R5 Steel Commercial Jacketed Small Volume Storage Tank, 119 gal, 3/4 in. NPT, 63-1/2 in. H BRW2394077800 Bradford White 239-40778-00 Blower Motor For MIITW50, MIITW65, MIITW75, MIITW50T *(LN,EN,CX)-10 Residential Water Heater BRW2394586500 Bradford White 239-45865-00 Blower Temperature Switch For M1TW40S, M1TW50S, M1TW60T, M2TW50T Residential Gas Water Heater BRWRE265T61NCWW458 Bradford White RE265T6-1NCWW-458 61G 240V 4500W ELE WH BRW2654558300 Bradford White 265-45583-00 Blower Assembly For M2TW50T*F(BN, CX, SX), M2TW65T, M2TW75T Residential Gas Water Heater BRWAST806 Bradford WhAST-80-6 Residential Storage Tank, 80 gal, Threaded, 58-7/8 in. H x 24 in. Dia. BRWRG250H6N457 Bradford White RG250H6N-457 48G 65KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2244777605 Bradford White 224-47776-05 Magnesium Hot Water Outlet Anode For M240S6DS, M250S6DS, CF50, CF50-6 Water Heater, 3/4 in. NPT, 38.13 in. L BRWD80T1993N806 Bradford White D80T1993N-806 80G 199K NG WH BRWLG2PV75H763N253 LG2PV75H763N253 75G/76K NG WTRHTR BRW4154558300 415-45583-00 VENTOR MOTOR BRW2274807002 Bradford White 227-48070-02 BRASS DRAIN VALVE LOW RESTRICTION BALL VALVE 3.21" BRWRE220U61NAL458 RE220U61NAL458 18G 120V/1500W WTR HTR BRW2394879501 Bradford White 239-48795-01 Gas Valve for RG1PV40S8N-457 Power Vented Water Heaters BRW2295123003 Bradford White 229-51230-03 PEX Cold Water Inlet Dip Tube, 3/4 in. NPT x 2 in. x 32 in. L BRW2655104600 Bradford White 265-51046-00 Upper and Lower Thermostat For M230R, M240S, M240T, M250S Water Heater, 240V BRWRC2PV50H6N457 Bradford White RC2PV50H6N-457 50G 76KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG250L6N457 Bradford White RG250L6N-457 48G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG2PDV75H6N457 Bradford White RG2PDV75H6N-457 75G 80KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2394746501 Bradford White 239-47465-01 Icon Control Gas Valve For MI30T, MIXR403S Residential Water Heaters, LP Gas BRW2334650115 Bradford White 233-46501-15 SVC Thermocouple For MI30T*F(BN,CX,SX), MI30S*F(BN,CX,SX), MI303T*F(BN,CX,SX) Water Heater, 15 in. L, White BRWCDW2TW50T10FBN457 Brandford White CDW2TW50T10FBN-457 45G 67K NG WH BRW2334627704 Bradford White 233-46277-04 ASSY-PILOT NAT 16/18/0.0156 FVIR (WR) BRW2654160500 Bradford White 265-41605-00 Blower Assembly For MITW40L*(BN, EN, CX) (-12, -13, -15), MITW50L*(BN, EN, CX) (-12, -13, -15) Residential Gas Water Heater BRW2654720000 Bradford White 265-47200-00 Normal/High Altitude Universal SVC Blower Kit For MITW40L*(BN,EN,CX), (-12,-13,-15) Residential Water Heater BRWRG2PV75H6X457 Bradford White RG2PV75H6X-457 75G 76KBTU LP WTRHTR BRW2334565101 2334565101 THERMOWELL F/MI75 BRADFOR BRW2394875200 239-48752-00 BLOWER TEMPERATURE SWITCH BRWRG2PV40T6N457 Bradford White RG2PV40T6N-457 40G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2394879604 239-48796-04 GAS VALVE KIT LP BRWEF100T250E3N Bradford White EF100T250E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 100 gal, 73.2kW, 115 VAC, 250000 btu/hr BRWRG2PV40S6N457 Bradford White RG2PV40S6N-457 40G 40KBTU NG WTR HTR BRWSW240RL231 Bradford White SW240RL-231 37G SINGLE-WALL INDIRECT BRWRG230S6X457 Bradford White RG230S6X-457 30G 27KBTU LP Water Heater BRW265474391032 Bradford White 265-47439-10-32 Burner Assembly Complete For MI50L*F(BN,CX,SX), MI60T*F(BN,CX,SX) Natural Gas Water Heater BRWRE112U61NAL458 RE12U61NAL 2G 1.5W 120V 1EL ELECT WTRHTR BRWSS50 SS50 50GAL SS INDIRECT WATER HEATER BRWRG1PV50S6N19457 RG1PV50S6N19457 RES GAS PWR VENT 50 GAL BRW2654552500 Bradford White 265-45525-00 Pressure Switch Conv Norm Altitude For M2CTW---KIT-HONEYWELL PRESSURE SWITCH CONVERSION NORMAL ALT (M2CTW) (SVC) BRWRE110U61NAL458 Bradfrod White RE110U6-1NAL-458 10G/120V/1500W ELE WTRHTR BRWRG2PV50H6N457 Bradford White RG2PV50H6N-457 48G 65KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2243850803 Bradford White 224-38508-03 Aluminum Plug Style Anode Rod For DM Series Model Water Heater, 39 in. L BRW4155334001 415-53340-01 BUILTBEST 4 CATEG A MODELS BRW265474401550 265474401550 PROPANE BURNER ASSEMBLY BRWCDW2TW75T10SX457 Bradford White CDW2TW75T10SX-457 72G 75.5K LP WH BRW2394546000 Bradford White 239-45460-00 Pressure Switch ASSY-PRESSURE SWITCH & BRACKET HONEYWELL (JAKEL) SVC BRW265474390532 Bradford White 265-47439-05-32 Universal Burner Assembly For M(I,4)503, M(I,4)403S, M1XR403S Natural Gas Water Heater BRWRG240T6N457 Bradford White RG240T6N-457 40G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2394586600 Bradford White 239-45866-00 PRES SWCH (INTAKE) BRW2244956005 Bradford White 224-49560-05 A420 Aluminum Hot Water Outlet Anode For TW450S65F Water Heater, 3/4 in. NPT, 47-1/8 in. L BRW2394879602 Bradford White 239-48796-02 KIT-HONEYWELL GAS VALVE LP 160°F 4 7/16" (PV)(SVC) BRW4154864200 ELEMENT 240/4500 & 208/3500 BRW2654892200 2654892200 BLOWER COMPLETE BRW2294509206 229-45092-06 COLD WATER INLET BRWEF100T150E3N Bradford White EF100T150E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 100 gal, 43.9kW, 115 VAC, 150000 btu/hr BRWRG2PV50H6X457 Bradford White RG2PV50H6X-457 48G 58KBTU LP WTRHTR BRW2244777609 Bradford White 224-47776-09 Magnesium Hot Water Outlet Anode For PDX140 Water Heater, 3/4 in., 34-1/2 in. L BRW2394091800 Bradford White 239-40918-00 Igniter Assembly For TTW1 L -12 series Transformer IGNITER-HOT SURFACE 450DEG (SERVICE) BRWRG2PV50S6N457 Bradford White RG2PV50S6N-457 50G 40KBTU NG WTR HTR BRWRE250S61NCPP458 Bradford White RE250S6-1NCPP-458 47G 240V 3000W ELE WH BRWRG140T6N220 Bradford White RG140T6N-220 40 Gallon 35,000BTU High Altitude Natural Gas Water Heater Atmospheric Residential BRW2394561302 Bradford White 239-45613-02 Natural Gas Valve For GX2TW25S, GX1TW55S, TW25X76, TW450S Water Heater BRWCDW275T10BN253 Bradford White CDW275T10BN-253 72G 76K NG WH BRWRE280T61NCWW458 Bradford White RE280T6-1NCWW-458 76G 240V 4500W ELE WH BRWRE240L61NCP458 RE240L61NCP458 40G/240V/3000W ELE WTRHTR BRW2394132301 Bradford White 239-41323-01 Pilot Assembly For D38T, D38T155, D75T125, D75T, D75T300 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2654618101 Bradford White 265-46181-01 KIT-ATMOSPHERIC REPLACEMENT CONTROL NAT 160°F 1" CAV (MI3,4,5)(FVIR)(SVC) BRW4154132301 4154132301 BAGGED PILOT NAT KIT (PSE) BRW2394879502 Bradford White 239-48795-02 Gas Valve For M2TW50T, M2TW75T and TW450S Water Heaters, Natural Gas BRWCSW2TW75T10BN457 Bradford White CSW2TW75T10BN-457 72G 76K NG WH BRW2244777612 Bradford White 224-47776-12 Magnesium Hot Water Outlet Anode For PDX50S60F, PDX250T Water Heater, 3/4 in. NPT, 47.13 in. L BRW2334565305 Bradford White 233-45653-05 Pilot Assembly For MITW40S, MITW50S, M1TW50S6BN Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2394367601 Bradford White 239-43676-01 Resettable Thermal Switch For MI30S, MI40T, MI50L Natural and Propane Gas Water Heater, 240F, Blue BRW2394785100 Bradford White 239-47851-00 Replacement Universal Icon Control Gas Valve For MI30T, M460T, M2XR65T Residential Water Heaters, Natural Gas KIT-GAS VALVE RES NAT 160°F (SVC) BRW2654558400 Bradford White 265-45584-00 Blower Assembly For M1TW40S*F(BN, CX, SX), M1TW50S*F(BN, CX, SX) Residential Gas Water Heater BRW4154367601 4154367601 BAG SWITCH THRM KIT BLU (240) BRW4154367602 4154367602 BAG SWITCH THRM YEL KIT (270) BRW2334565302 Bradford White 233-45653-02 THERMAL WELL SENSOR BRW2243299942 Bradford White 224-32999-42 Aluminum Anode 3/4 NPT X 3 X .625 X 52 BRWRG2PV75H6N457 Bradford White RG2PV75H6N-457 75G 76KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW4154565305 4154565305 17/26 BAG PILOT NAT KIT (HW) BRW4154784505 4154784505 17/26 NG PILOT (HW) (M) BRW265474390932 Bradford White 265-47439-09-32 BURNER ASSY COMPLETE NAT BRW2334655700 Bradford White 233-46557-00 Digital Control Display For U65L155E*N(A), U65L199E*N(A) Commercial Gas Water Heater BRW2654297300 Bradford White 265-42973-00 Flue Damper Complete Assembly For 6 in. D38T155(E)*(N,X), D80T180(E)*(N,X) Commercial Gas Water Heater BRWEF100T300E3N Bradford White EF100T300E3N2-806 Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater, 100 gal, 87.9kW, 115 VAC, 300000 btu/hr BRWRE16U61NAL458 Bradford White RE16U6-1NAL-458 6 Gallon Utility Energy Saver Electric Residential Water Heater 120 Volts BRWRG250S6N457 Bradford White RG250S6N-457 50G 50KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG250T6N457 Bradford White RG250T6N-457 50G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG1PV50SN19457 RG1PV50SN19-457 GN 50GAL 40KBTU WTR HTR BRW2394561301 Bradford White 239-45613-01 Gas Control Valve Kit with Service Tool For M2TW75T(BN,CX) Water Heaters, Natural Gas BRW2394561401 Bradford White 239-45614-01 Gas Control Valve Kit with Service Tool For M2TW75T(BN,CX) Water Heaters, LP Gas BRW2394562000 Bradford White 239-45620-00 Flammable Vapour Sensor Harness For RG1PV55H*(N,X), LG1PV55H78*(N,X) Gas Water Heater BRWRE16WV61NAL458 RE16WV61NAL458 6G/120V/1500W ELE WTRHTR BRWRE240S61NCPP458 Bradford White RE240S6-1NCPP-458 38G 240V 3000W ELE WH BRWRG2PV60T6N457 Bradford White RG2PV60T6N-457 60G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2244956008 Bradford White 224-49560-08 A420 Aluminum Hot Water Outlet Anode For MI30T, MI40T, MI404T Water Heater, 3/4 in. NPT, 39-1/8 in. L BRWRG2PDV50S6N457 Bradford White RG2PDV50S6N-457 50G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2394746301 Bradford White 239-47463-01 Icon Control Gas Valve For MI30T, MIXR403S, DS140S6FBN Residential Water Heaters, Natural Gas BRWCDW2TW50T10FSX457 Bradford White CDW2TW50T10FSX-457 45G 60K LP WH BRW2304059402 Bradford White 230-40594-02 Temperature and Pressure Valve For LD120R, LD30L, LD40L, LD50L 105 btu/hr Water Heater, 3/4 in. Male, 150 psi, 210F BRWRG1PV50S6X457 Bradford White RG1PV50S6X-457 50G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRW265474390732 Bradford White 265-47439-07-32 Burner Assembly For MI403S*F(BN,CX,SX), MI503*F(BN,CX,SX), M1XR403S*F(BN,CX,SX) Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2303292001 Bradford White 230-32920-01 RELIEF VALVE-T & P 150 PSI MALE BRW4154558400 4154558400 KIT-ASSY BLOWER FASCO RG1PV BRW2654738600 Bradford White 265-47386-00 Normal Altitude Blower Assembly For PDX1/PDX4 Series BRW2394879504 Bradford White 239-48795-04 Gas Valve For TW465S(BN,CX), TW475S76(BN,CX) Water Heaters BRWRG240S6X457 Bradford White RG240S6X-457 40G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRW2394746302 Bradford White 239-47463-02 Icon Control Gas Valve For M2XR504T, M440T, M2XR65T Residential Water Heaters, Natural Gas BRWRG1PV40S6X457 Bradford White RG1PV40S6X-457 40G 38KBTU LP WTRHTR BRW2334784505 Bradford White 233-47845-05 ICON Pilot Assembly For MI30T*F(BN,CX,SX), MI30S*F(BN,CX,SX) Natural Gas Water Heater BRWRG1PV40S6N457 Bradford White RG1PV40S6N-457 40G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2334024805 Bradford White 233-40248-05 Pilot Assembly For GX225S*(BN,SX), GX155S*(BN,SX) Natural Gas Water Heater BRW2394367602 Bradford White 239-43676-02 Resettable Thermal Switch For MI303T, MI403S, MI503 Natural and Propane Gas Water Heater, 270F, Yellow BRWRG1PV50S6N457 Bradford White RG1PV50S6N-457 50G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRWRG240S6N457 Bradford White RG240S6N-457 40G 40KBTU NG WTRHTR BRW2654235102 Bradford White 265-42351-02 Brass Drain Valve, 3/4 in. MNPT BRW2394556000 Bradford White 239-45560-00 Flammable Vapour Sensor For M1TW40S, M1TW50S, M1TW60T, M2TW50T Gas Water Heater Bradford White Water Heater Parts for Sale For more water heater parts visit our website Call or text +1 647 558 4079 Or email

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