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book one- extremely used Lauren likes Charlie. Lauren has had a crush on charlie for two years. but this summer she has the love plan to make charlie fall in live with her. The love plan is fool proof! what could possibly go wrong? book two-new Maddie likes Gabriel. Maddie unhappily arrives at camp cross for a long hot and cranky summer. but then she spies Gabriel. its fun watching him and keeping track of him. Then Gabriel spies Maddie. what happens when a crush goes both ways? book three-new Lindsay likes Nick. Lindsay and Nick have been best friends since birth. Nicks been away all summer and Lindsay can't wait to see him. but on the first day of school he looks totally different. Nick becomes the most popular guy in the seventh grade, and practically every girl is crushing on him- including Lindsay. book four- used Noelle likes Noel. This year all Noelle wants for Christmas is Noel. " Noel and Noelle! could it be any more perfect?" But what happens when the perfect plan doesn't go so perfectly? can a little Christmas magic save the day?

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