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Best Website for purchasing tickets- No service fees

Today I am sharing a secret that many of you sport goers and concert lovers will fall in love with, it is the website TicketClub Forget about Ticketmaster and Stubhub stop paying those outrageous fees, how about stop just paying fees altogether TicketClub is a membership website only $49.99 for the first year and $9.99 after that Now that's not alot for a whole year even better if you're a student or a member of the military you can get your membership free so why not considering you're saving all the fees and it can be 5x cheaper than Ticketmaster plus on top of that you get little promos here and than now you can enjoy the freedom of attending the games/shows you love Not many people know of this website or have used it because if they knew it would overtake the ball from the giant, I literally found tickets for as low as $4 going for $30 on Ticketmaster Give it a shot check it out I've been using it for years and had nothing but a great experience The best website for cheap tickets get absolutely no fees on your event tickets No more ticketmaster or stubhub ridiculous fees Don't forget to save, share and bookmark will save you some pocket cash #tickets #tix #sports #concerts
5 months ago In Events Tickets
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