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Automatic Bottle Top and Side Labeling Machine







2 months ago

Application: Suitable for labeling round bottles, single label and double label can be pasted, and the distance between front and back double label and top sides can be adjusted flexibly. With tapered bottle labeling function; The perimeter location detection device can be used to label the designated position on the perimeter surface. The equipment can be used alone, also can be used with packaging line or filling line. Technical parameter: 1. Machine can do two labels labeling simultaneous, one for bottle body, one for bottle neck or top. 2. Simple adjustment, configuration before and after, left and right and up and down directions, plane inclination, vertical inclination adjustment seat, different bottle shape switch without dead Angle, simple and quick adjustment; 3. Automatic bottle division, star wheel bottle division mechanism, effectively eliminate the bottle itself error caused by the bottle is not smooth, improve the stability; 4. Touch screen control, man-machine interaction interface with operation teaching function, simple operation; 5. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, automatic label detection function, to prevent leakage and label waste; 6. Solid health, mainly made of stainless steel and senior aluminum alloy, solid quality, in line with GMP production requirements. Parameter: Brand: VKPAK Labeling speed: 30-120 PCS/min Labeling accuracy: 0.6mm Machine size: 2500*750*1750mm Label size: Width:10-177mm,Length:10-300mm Power: 220V/380V 50Hz,1200W Label roll Inner core :76mm Outside roll Max.: 360mm Url: Working principle: The sensor detects the passing bottles and send a signal back to the control system.Atthe appropriate position, the system controls the label to be sent out and attached tothe suitable position .The product pass through the labeling device and the label isattached to bottles well.

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