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Antique REGULA West Germany Black Forest Cookoo Clock w/ Squirrels




1 month ago

This is an authentic Regula West Germany Black Forest Cookoo Clock. Marked inside on the clock movements is the Regula logo as well as marked West Germany. This was purchased by my mother at an antique shop in the village of Kastellaun, West Germany back in the early 1980s. She did lose one of the pinecone weights and the front top piece when she moved back home in the late 80s. The minute hand on the clock face is broken. But all these parts can be purchased fairly cheap on eBay and that would have this restored to perfect condition again. Whether you choose to restore it or display it as is, this will only increase in value over the years. NOTE: Over the years I've seen many fakes, reproductions, and authentic Regula clocks. But I've never come across another one identical to this. So I know for a fact that this particular Cookoo Clock is extremely rare if not a true one of a kind.

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