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AMC-800 Fully Automatic Refrigerant Recovery Cleaning Machine – R134a With Printer& Database




North York



3 months ago

Features: Fully automatic, easy to operate. Internal pipeline of A/C system flushing, effectively cleared the internal greasy and fouling, to restore the A/C system performance. With forward flushing, reverse flushing, and pulse flushing functions, which greatly improve the cleaning effect. Using large-size glass tube with LED backlighting, can effectively observe the entire cleaning process. Vertically installing the HP & LP gauges let the operator be able to observe the pressure parameters timely even in the car. Unique design of the pipeline to achieve the high recycling rate no matter with the gas or the liquid. Easy to operate with the concise operating interface. Designed with large size LCD. Database. Program and database can be updated. With printer. Designed with auxiliary load cell for recharging by the external refrigerant tank Functions 1) Primary functions Automatic flushing Automatic recovering/recycling Automatic/manual used oil drain Automatic vacuum Automatic/manual new oil injection Automatic recharging with load cell Automatic recharging via the secondary recharging tank (800A) Auto mode Database 2) Subsidiary functions Parameter setting Supply refrigerant Electric scale calibration Maintenance procedures (dry-filter exchange, vacuum pump maintenance) Printer checking System inquiry Equipment info Working conditions: Ambient temperature: 0~50°C Relative humidity: <85% Voltage input: AC220V±10%~50Hz /AC220V±10%~60Hz/AC110V±10%~60Hz Compressor:12.12cm3 Vacuum pump:7.2m3/h,5Pa Load cell for tank: ±10g Auxiliary load cell: ±10g(external tank) Load cell for oil bottle: ±5g Tank:12L New Oil bottle: 250ml Used Oil bottle:500ml LCD display: 240*128 Working pressure: max. 20bar HP gauge: -1bar~3.5MPa LP gauge: -1bar~2.0MPa Backlighting: LED Warranty one year, factory direct shipping, dock to dock, manufacturer engineer guidance at any time. Lifetime parts available. Please contact us if you are interested. We have Taobao and Amazon to help you with your order. Whatsapp: 1 (437) 553-8502 WeChat: 18917653440 Website: Email:


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