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4 weeks ago

I am an artist and I am starting to explore AI art. I usually draw my artwork and render with the help of AI art tools like midjourney, nightcafe creator, bluewillow, etc. And sometimes I let AI tool do the work and then render it in PS or Illustrator to give my personal touch. Artworks that I can create: - Wallpapers for your phone/tablet/desktop (give me your screen size or the resolution you want) - fixed price $1 - Custom portraits (send me clear photos of the subjects ) - price $3 - $7 (if there are more than one subject/you want concept art with your subjects) - Concept art for commercial use like book illustration/games/videos - price starts from $10-$12 (if the concept art involves more detailed work) - Artwork for posters/canvas- fixed price $8 I can give you upto 3 revisions for my artwork if you are unsatisfied with no extra charge. After 3 revisions, there won't be any further alterations and you have to choose one from three for your order. How to order 1. Message me the details like resolution, inspiration for the concept art or images of the subjects as per your requirements. 2. If you are not sure of the inspiration, I can suggest the prompts and you can choose one. 3. I will create a separate listing for you and you can order from there. 4. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. THIS LISTING IS JUST FOR ADVERTISING. 5. After you have purchased, within 24-48hrs your artwork will be sent to your email id that you have shared with me. 6. If you are unsatisfied, you need to message within next 24hrs after I sent the digital file for further revisions.(max. 3 revisions only) Digital file will be in the format of .png, jpg or jpeg, as per your choice. Random buyers will get bonus digital artwork file from me. Hurry up you can be that lucky person! Check out my future listings where I post my artwork if you dont want a customized one. $1 only!


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