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1 month ago

Are you tired of long checkout lines due to slow payment processing? Connect Tagrain cloud point-of-sale software with the Clover payment terminal to offer a quick and seamless checkout experience. So, your customers can pay how they like by swiping their cards, tapping their phones, or even scanning a QR code. Our innovative POS system makes checkout a breeze while ensuring that transactions are secure and efficient. -Speed up checkout with automated amounts -Help eliminate double entry and human error -Simplify bookkeeping with integrated accounting tools -No need to manually enter the amount or do end-of-day reconciliations. Not only does Tagrain speed up payment transactions, but it also streamlines your daily operations. Our cloud-based software allows you to manage inventory, track sales, and analyze data from any device, anywhere. Plus, with our easy-to-use interface and customizable settings, you can tailor Tagrain to fit your unique business needs. Start with a free trial today and get access to all the paid plugins and integrations for 14 days. So you can see for yourself how Tagrain can help your business grow. After the trial, you can continue using Tagrain POS for free by selecting the forever-free COMMUNITY plan. Or upgrade to the ENTERPRISE plan for more POS and features and pay for what you use. NO COMMITMENT! Visit our website at to upgrade your checkout experience with Tagrain and Clover today!

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