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Activity Box for Seniors




3 weeks ago

Hi! I make these activity boxes for seniors who have a hard time going to group activities or who just refuse to go to group activities. These boxes are themed to what the senior is interested in. Such as Rock Music (like the one shown). I will customize an activity box for the senior in your life. Each box will have an activity for all the senses, plus Active Daily Living activities, a list of what is in the box and suggestions on how to use each item. You may find other activities for the items too. The activity box above is made from an old record player that stopped working. I filled it with activities as you can see in the other pictures. I love making these because I feel everyone needs something different to do sometimes. Contact me if you would like me to make an Activity Box for your loved one. Just let me know what theme you would like and I will do the rest. Value $75 and up depending on the theme and how to present the box (virtual or face to face). The box above is not for sale, its just an example.


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