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2 weeks ago

New and used nail products I don’t need! This bundle includes; 1xNail polish remover wipes - watermelon scent (retailed $6+ not including tax) 1x BNC manicure nail hardener (helps keep natural nails strong, has some marks from pliers I used trying to open it once) 1x Sally Hansen Maximum Growth nail treatment (80% of product left, retails ~$14) 1x Nail brushes -5 pack (for gel or acrylic) ✨ tip✨ soak brushes in acetone for a short period of time to clean keep them like new if acrylic gets stuck in them 1x kiss acrylic liquid (15ml, retails over $28) 1x Beauty Secrets acrylic powder Clear (36g, retails ~$19) 2x new practice fingers 1x beauty secrets Bright white acrylic powder (7g, came with nail kit) 1x beauty secrets clear acrylic powder (7g came with nail kit that retails $38+) 2x Makartt nail glue (got these last year, I still use them to this day. the components of the product seems to affect the label) 1x Revlon nail file 1x over 10g of heart nail glitter embeds Retailed over $140 w tax If there’s anything you want from this bundle separately , let me know! :) Meetup locations can be negotiated!

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