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Acoustic panels for recording studio


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Acoustic panels (wall, ceiling, stand-alone). Best offer accepted. Moving sale. Must go. These are in a storage locker at 356 Eastern Avenue, Toronto. Details about the panels: Interior is filled with studio-quality Rock Wool (Roxul). Acoustic panels to dampen echoes, for recording spaces, in a studio or at home. Description from the maker: "Professionally handmade in Canada, our standard acoustic wall panels are 3” thick with a wooden frame and rockwool core wrapped in an attractive, acoustically-appropriate fabric." Features: •Professionally manufactured with a firm wooden frame and Roxul mineral wool core, a highly effective sound absorber (NRC 1.05 out of 1). Higher NRC means fewer panels are needed to treat your space. •Back panel provides superior strength and ease of installation with provided hardware •Quality fabric wrap available in an assortment of colors custom sizes and colors can be combined to fit your unique space and taste •Handcrafted in Canada •Standard size: 24x48x3 inches •Weight: 5.5 kg (12 lbs) These are the sizes and colours: Stand-up panels Dimensions: 24x84x3 Colour: Charcoal Amount: 8 panels (4 groups of 2 panels hinged together) Wall panels Dimensions: 24x48x3 Colour: Charcoal Amount: 6 panels Ceiling panels (aka Cloud panels) Dimensions: 24x48x2 Colour: Off-white Amount: 4 panels They work great. My condo is very echoey, and these kill the echoes so I’m able to do professional voice acting right at my desk without having to go into a closet or under blankets. These would also be great if you’re a musician, podcaster or YouTuber or want great sound on business phone calls. Here’s a video of me talking amongst the panels, so you can hear them in action:


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