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244 gallon acrylic aquarium




Loyalist Township



1 month ago

A complete dream set up. All top of the line parts. Best of the best. Spent around $10,000 on entire project. Must sell as a unit. Will not separate. Comes with everything. Everything is less than a year old.  Also listed what I payed. Have all receipts. Designed for main aquarium to be in different part of house than the filtration for total silence and easy maintenance. I will help set it up in your house If needed. I can also deliver. The system is currently running. I will disassemble after sold. Contact me to come see it -244 gallon custom  aquarium 3/4" thick heavy duty acrylic 24×76.5×30"   $4700 -Custom wood stand and wood trim and drywall -12 bags (240 lbs eco complete plant substrate)   $600 -2pc  36-46" "fluval 3.0 led lights   $600 3yr warranty -Iwaki MD100RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)   $1350  5 yr warranty . Also emergency float switch -over 16 types of plant species Too many to list    Over $300 -32" x 12 inch hollow log driftwood  $200 -Tall Tree root driftwood  $120 -50 ft  1.25 pvc flex pipe. No connections needed      except in and out part for max flow rate. $180 -50ft  2" pvc drain pipe with all elbows and fittings  needed. Over $400 -50 ft of 1.5 emergency drain pvc pipes with all fittings needed. Over $200 -Extra fittings and elbows. -3pc 1.5 bulkhead for 2 drains and 1 emergency Over flow. $100 have 1 spate one also -9lbs of k1 biological media. $200 -20 lbs assortment of biological media $150 - over 36" thick of all different sponge media. $200 -Very large custom sponge filter -9lbs  of k1 media -whisper ap 300 air pump. $130 -6pc 55gallon  barrels. 2 are for the sump and 4 for     drip system. Over 100 ft of air hose -1 small barrel stuffed with sponge media. Part of    system. Will throw in all of these below -Over 100 ft of other large hoses for water change - brand new automatic fish feeder -75, 55, 35 gallon aquariums with stands -humidity control system. -2pc 48" led plant lights And over 600  in  really nice decoration rocks and aquarium accessories. Fish included are 2 Large angle fish 1 bristlenose pleco 1 super red BN pleco 2 albino BN pleco 1 zebra pleco 1 gold spotted pleco 4 miniature cory Dora's 6 kuli loaches 6 narite snails 36 cardinal tetras 5 Otto catfish 2 stick catfish 4 other algae eaters


can come see the set up if interested

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