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2 "Sabermasters" Lightsabers - Barely Used, Excellent Condition. All original content included.




The Home Depot



4 weeks ago

2 Lightsabers for $300 (each one dropped down to $150 when bought in bundle) [Comes with a Special Connector part which lets you create a staff like Darth Maul's] OR 1 Lightsaber for $200 [No bundle discount, and Special Connecter part not included] DESCRIPTION: Lots of features such as colours and sound effect packs to choose from. I barely used them, and was very careful when I did. Didn't hit them against each other and only connected them with each other a few times for the staff effect. Never dropped them onto the ground. Only charged the batteries twice. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Hilt Size: 27cm Saber Size: 77cm Total Length: ~100cm Blade Diameter: 22.2mm Charging: Fast Charging via USB Charging Time: 4-8 Hours Battery Type: 1200mah 18650 3.7V Hilt Material: Frosted Aircraft Aluminium Alloy Blade Material: Light Diffusion Polycarbonate WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 x Aircraft Aluminium Hilt 1 x Durable Polycarbonate Saber (removable) 1 x USB Charging Cord 1 x Ultimate Saber Hilt Wrap 1 x Repair Tool Kit [Everything listed is doubled in the bundle] PERSONAL OPINION: I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, and enjoyed swinging them around as a staff in the parking lot at night. They look fantastic from any distance and feel great! The weight of them put together is just what you need to help you balance them while spinning. FINAL INORMATION: Whichever option you choose, I will meet up with you and show you some of its features to make sure that you're satisfied. However, make sure to bring exactly the amounts I mentioned above as the prices are non-negotiable. These prices will not be going lower than that, so don't wait for a better deal. I can also send you videos of me trying them out as well! (Turning on/off, changing colours, intensities, blaster effects, sound effects, etc.) Feel free to ask me any questions you have about them, I'll do my best to answer ASAP. Thank you! :)


Doesn't have to be exactly there, that's just a good spot for me, although we can meet up closer to you.

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