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1200W OUMMET LED Grow Light







1 month ago

High Quality Has a tiny crack on the screen but works perfectly fine! Material: ABS + PMMA cover Weight: 1.3 kg Spectrum: 380-740nm LED: (100pcs) 10W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs LED Qty: Red (84) 620-630nm / Blue (10) 460-470nm / UV (2) 390-400nm / IR(2) 725-735nm / White (2) 6000-6500K Input Voltage: AC85-265V/50-60Hz Wattage: 1200W Lifespan: ≥ 35,000 hrs Recommended Mounted Height: 18" Seeding: 16-18 hrs on, 36-59” Vegetative: 12-16 hrs on, 18-36" Flowering: 10-12 hrs on, 12-18" Footprint: 2x2'/3x3' tent AUTO ON/OFF: Yellow 4hrs, Green 8hrs, Blue 12hrs RED - No Timer, Aways on Comes with Hanging Kits Replaces a 300W HPS/MH PAR/PPFD: 315 μmol/m2/s Built-in Timer Control - Turn LED Grow Light on at a specific time of day. Will automatically turn off after 4/8/12 hours preset time. Full Spectrum - Ideal for all kinds of indoor plants of all growth stages, whether seeding, growing or flowering. UV (ultraviolet) & IR (infrared) light can promote stem elongation & seed germination, as a result increases yield. Silent Cooling System - Excellent air circulation & low noise with two silent fans that work to keep the lights functioning safely & greatly extend their working hours. Some holes on the LED board (thickened: 3.0mm) & the glass form convection with the fans, efficient heat dissipation. Every LED has a resistance to keep them working separately. Amplified quality & potency, with newly enhanced UV/IR diodes. Significantly increases flower density & deliver 200% greater harvest weight!


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