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10K Gold Chains/Pendants***

Dairy Queen
NO LOWBALLERS*** Bought the Micro Jesus piece and 26 inch chain at City Jewellers for $780. Bought the 28 inch rope chain (Not Hollow) and the square Jesus pendant for $1,550 on a mothers day sale on MAY 11 2020*** - I asked and they said that if I wanted to re purchase the chain 1-2 months from now I'd have to pay full price close to $2,000 for the chain alone!!! I'm willing to let go of these for the following prices. There are unfortunately NO RETURNS at City Jewellers so I have to sell it here on Kijiji... 1. Micro Jesus Piece Set - $630 (Save $150***) 2. 28 inch 10k Rope Chain - $1040 (Save $150***) 3. Square Jesus Pendant - $300 (Save $60***) (Technically your saving more on No.2 & No.3 since they plan to jack the prices back up...) I'm technically selling you brand new chains and paying for a portion of what you would have originally paid just because I used my credit card and swiped it..... PLEASE TEXT 204-898-8864 FOR THE FASTEST REPLIES (THEY BARELY HAVE ANYTHING LEFT AT THE STORE BECAUSE THEIR SUPPLIERS ARE NOT IN BUISNESS DUE TO COVID-19) If you buy EVERYTHING ill see what I can do about the price.... I'm not happy about this....
2 months ago In Luxury
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.

Listed by donjae636


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