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liladscloset Great buyer to deal with! Pleasant transaction and Speedy replies, Thank you!
Seller Great buyer!!!


all_about_makeup_ Planned 3 or 4 meet-ups & pickups. In none of them, she came. She didn't text either. I reserved the stuff for around a month. Feel pretty upset. updated: all the meet ups you agreed to came and didn’t show-up. Is it that hard for you to message me that you can’t go or you don’t want the item? It’s a waste of my time. Btw I didn’t force you to buy anything, just asked if there’s other stuff you would be interested. You chose all the items.

yes I did cancel because I didn't see the point why should I go pick up the product I didn't want it. The only product I wanted to buy it was the blush and then she asked me to buy more products so she meet up with me so I did chose to buy like seven more products. manipulators she's tells me that she selling the only product I want it and what was the point me to go by all the other products that I didn't even care about so that's why I told her never mind.