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pandoralune The buyer made a commitment to meet up, however when I messaged her on the meet up day, she messages me back that she has to cancel because her family went on a vacation. If I had not contacted her I would have made the trip unnecessarily. Said she would get in contact with me when she returns from her trip and but again fell through with her word and started harassing me through messages after I left feedback on her profile detailing these issues.

Hi there this completely slipped my mind but for you to write a comment without even asking is vet immature dud u know that maybe I had issues with my phone and your messages history was no longer there I did respond telling u I was no longer interested so next time before u assume about somebody please read your messages to me I don't care if u write a bad review this isn't my full time career. The people who I deal with and have dealt with know how I am your reviews to me are meaningless.


danzer88 Buyer cannot accept the real world of bidding. She also backs out of deals so don't even bother with her!

It's funny because you told me your busy because of school and not to mention you don't carry coins so you don't know that in Canada we have tonnies and loonies which you also were upset about really come on! I gave you exact cash yet you still complained never met someone like that but thank god I have no future purchases with you because I don't think your prices are reasonable along with your attitude!! And yes traveling from Brampton is a big deal it's not close so I'm not gonna waste time!


davintagecode Great buyer to deal with! She was on time and super sweet! Best wishes! 😊

Thank you it was a pleasure meeting you :)

All items in good condition No Trades 🚫Refunds🚫Exchanges Minimum $10 to meet up BCC, Shoppers World /Trinity Commons message if in other part of Brampton or Mississauga or GTA will try 2 accommodate depending on area 💯% authentic items
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