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victoriiia123 She was a great buyer to deal with, Speedy replies and it was a pleasant transaction! Thank you 💛


seraphinawuu_ When I arrived, I didn't see her, I was there for almost 2 hours, I couldnt find her so I left empty handed. Then I Couldn't log in for a few days so I didn't see her msgs.Worst transaction ever Update:sorry that my sim wasn't working?I showed up but u weren't there. And I'm not being salty, I'm stating facts, giving the future buyers/sellers that youre Incapable of meeting up with someone at a certain time. Don't get salty just cus you're getting left with an honest review,DO NOT RECOMMEND HER

Tbh Idk why your so salty. You're the one who didnt have a sim and I litterally waited there with 3 of my friends getting yelled at cause we pushed our cne plans back just for you. Then I apologized and you continued to attack me. Dont change things up to make me look bad. And if you knew you werent going to show up you could have told me.. Have a good day sweetie go play some pokemon go


m.chelle Super easy to contact & very understanding considering how many times we had to reschedule LOL def a great person to deal with :)