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tiffanykcloset Person refused to negotiate price on some items when I'm purchasing multiple horrible rude Buyer beware

My prices are already low and to be honest I don't remember you. Your review is biased and in my opinion no basis at all! I'm not a store I'm here to sell my belongings and I did not do any transactions with you. So please stop trolling. Thanks! **upon checking my archived messages. I do now remember you! You are a liar! You cancelled on the tedious deal, wasted my time chatting back and forth giving you deals still asked for more; just coz you wanted an item that's already reserved!


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Hello everyone! 😊 Smarty Shop is your one-stop shop 👪👜👟🎮⛳🚴🚗🌞☔ ❄🌈 🤑WE ALL LIKE GREAT DEALS🤑 😎Frugality is the new Smarty😎 Pick up only please. And all sales are final. Thank you for your interest in my items. 👼🏽God bless everyone👼🏽