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peach101 Honestly it was all fine until she started to reply to texts late and then she stated her phone didn't work and hung up on me. I was waiting at the stop with no reply so I said I'll stay until 4:25 and then I'm gone. After she replied I tried to call again and she texted me so I complied. She not only arrived late but I also spent a good twenty minutes chasing after her. Finally found her and I literally said do you still want it, and she sourly stated she did.

I got there at 4:05 instead of 4. I explained to you to message me because the audio on my phone wasn't working. You sent me that message in the car before 4 before you called. And I replied to the messages as soon as I got them. You expected to find a stranger in a place they'd never been before immediately and told me how angry you were you had to look for me. You admitted to being rude via message but blamed me publicly here.


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