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shop.adc Super nice! Was really quick to communicate and meet. Thank you!


srimandoc Amazing seller, super accommodating and efficient. Great to communicate with! 100% recommend :)


newshit User left me a negative review. Her reason: my plans annoyed her causing her to cancel the transaction. She expect my accommodation by reserving the item for her while our transaction ended. Disliking my review, she threaten to post ss of our chat. She reread the chat and realize she miscommunicated and tried to "cut me a deal" by offering to delete her inaccurate review. I kept my review on her page and explained I can't reserve an item after a cancelled transaction she continued to harrass me

We agreed to meet and you cancelled 6 hours before our meet-up due to “last minute” plans she showed lack of care for causing an inconvenience to me for cancelling last minute. I messaged her again to see if we could work something out , and she continued to be rude. I wasn’t trying to “cut a deal”. For your future transactions communicate properly before cancelling last minute,and at least be accommodating especially when you MAKE PLANS THE DAY YOU’RE MEETING SOMEONE!!!!