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mbahani Got a herschel bag for the purpose of using it for my 15.6" laptop. I asked her if it was too tight but she said it wasn't. I trusted her and didnt bring my laptop to test it. When i tested my laptop, it was in fact too tight. The laptop is bulging out of the bag and scratches my laptop as i put it in or pull it out. I just wanted her to be honest about it so i didnt have to deal with this now. The bag is slightly dirty but still good. Fast replies and came right on time. Just not wat i expected


chloejensen Great buyer to deal with!


zxcvbnmasqw DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!! She is very immature and rude. She will disregard all of your needs and put herself first. I have been trying to buy something from her for months now and she is extremely hard to work with. I was willing to go to the opposite end of the subway line for her to just bike there, but I'm moving tomorrow so I can't make it so she was rude and vulgar to me. I do not recommend this seller as she is a young lady who will just waste your time... do not trust her!!! 0/10