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xonhh Would be great if they responded :(


hokkaidoh Was very communicative, set up a meet time and exact location. Failed to answer any of my texts or carousell messages the day of the meet. No responses since (this has been a week ago). It's okay to forget but I was texting her cell # so she definitely saw but chose to ignore it. Upset because I reserved a really popular item for her and I've lost opportunities waiting on her. At least let me know so I can sell it to other people.


shopvivasvrvh Reserved two items and failed to show up first meet, did not reply to msgs or let me know that she won't be able to make it even though I agreed to commute farther than I normally do. Shit happens but at least communicate it! So we set up another meet and she failed to communicate again. Wasted my time on two different occasions after seeming apologetic the first time. Very disappointed that she could not have just let me know that she won't make it rather than let me waste my time.

🤝Vaughan mills minimum meet $20 Upper Canada $10 Yorkdale $40 minimum🔅 🔅Willing to Negotiate/bulk item discounts 🔅Located in Vaughan 🔅No backing out upon meet up. 🔅Sales are final. 🔅$10 shipping in gta