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jilano Seller is very polite and honest 😊. Didn't mind when I came late. Items were as described. I will definitely buy from this seller again ❤️


sarahnunes I ordered few Naked4 palettes from this seller as gifts for my aunts. They're brand new. They came within 2 days. Shipping charges were unbelievably low. Very satisfying service. I'd definitely buy further makeup from this seller. 😊


elysefreemann IM SO MAD! This is the fakest pallet ever, it’s not even a good dupe the packaging is so different and the colours r chalking and not pigmented plz message me before buying from this person I will send u pics and swatches of the pallet I really can’t afford to be wasting my money like this and I’m sure a lot of u can’t either the colours don’t even say the name under it definitely will not be buying again it’s not the same as the pic😡

Thanks for the feedback. We're sorry you did not get what you were looking for. The quality is very satisfying for other customers. It is definitely a bit different than original since it's a lot cheaper in price. The original palette is $66+tax which makes about $75. You got this palette only for $30. Overall the product is good. We still respect your opinion and will continue to provide our best service to you.