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caroujade Horrible case. The white phone case was listed as new but it was clearly used. Failed to check it during the transaction as I concentrated on getting change to be given. A picture of the good side of the case was put up. Not worth $5 at all. Over priced for the condition. The seller's products are not the same as advertised. So check the product properly before you buy from her. She doesn't even refund if she's sold you a 'faulty' product. So look out. Feel cheated. Wouldn't buy from her again.

As said in the ad "new", it is new. I just recently purchased it and had not used it at all. As for the price, it was completely reasonable I had gotten the case for $15, yet sold it to you for $5 because you negotiated. As for you losing your focus on checking the product that is not my fault. On my page it is clearly stated NO REFUNDS, NO TRADES, NO TRY ONS and am willing to negotiate.


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